Christmas Dinner 2016

First off, Merry Christmas everyone, here’s to a prosperous 2016. So for Christmas dinner, a big event in the Philippines, more like Thanksgiving in the US. I say this because the Philippines is primarily a Christian nation and the birth of Jesus is traditionally celebrated in gratitude for the blessings and as a way for families and friends to gather and break bread.

I’m afraid I didn’t even had the chance to properly decorate the table the way I wanted to or to dress up, I told the guests to come in red or green. My menu is not complementary but is designed to appeal to diverse palates. I will share the recipes later.

Homemade ham
Macaroni salad
Mashed potatoes
Green bean-casserole
Hokkaido Dinner Rolls
Graham fruit cocktail
Leche Flan
Banana Bread

My brother brother brought Thai seafood noodles, while another brought salted eggs.

While we still had Christmas Eve dinner, which is just us a a few friends, as the family wanted to have dinner privately with their own immediate family. We had guests as early as mid-morning, they brought kutsinta (rice cake) and suman (also made of sticky rice) and a block of ham from  another cousin who has a meat processing plant.

All in all, it was a happy occasion, MERRY CHRISTMAS, hope you had a wonderful celebration.


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