The Philippines and the New President

The new keyboard is paying off, the mind and the fingers are now in sync, sorry, now you are going to be inundated with posts.

Less than a month into his election, without even being installed, the President was already citing orders of what he wants to see in the Philippines.


He already declared war against illegal drugs. A problem that we wouldn’t know the extent had he not shared this information to the public. People are really excited and hopeful about the new President, why you may ask, he is a cussing President, doesn’t use diplomacy in his dealings, be it a diplomat or the media.

The city folks, especially the media, who may be receiving payola from the yellow camp, were flabbergasted. Who is this provincial guy, who speaks with heavy Visayan accent, who lives so simply, that everybody is noticing. Even the business men welcomed him with open arms equally hopeful that the country will show signs of improvement, less corruption, therefore will result in economic growth.

It makes me wonder, if he were not elected, how would the country fare, being that the previous administrations have blinders to the problems of the country.  Technocrats who have no idea how the marginalized are existing without any inkling of how to improve their lives. Their main concern it seems is further self enrichment and would toot their own horn for every little accomplishment that they had, it’s their job mind you.

Therefore, the common tao would of course support someone, who even speaks and dresses like they do, understands their  predicament and promises to help them.

I was not shocked really, I liked the guy, heck I can sometimes spew out expletives when I am not happy with something, I tend to speak my mind sometimes without filters. But he is not a “gangster”, he is a lawyer, with superb management skills, a former prosecutor and a wide reader. I said he knows how to manage, because he can delegate and trusts the person he is delegating to. He can also think in a macro level, as what a president should do and connect all the issues and provide solutions. He has the humility to accept the recommendations of others without being a pushover.  I would say, he is a much needed influence for the country.

For example, over the last few months of the administration, there was a series of “baggage bullet drop”, wherein bullets were found in luggage of the travelers, victimizing innocent travelers, local and tourist with the intent of extortion. Of course, the travelers would readily agree to avoid the inconvenience of delay. The previous administration didn’t do anything about it, no investigation was heard of, the President, declared that if a bullet is found, just get their names and destination and send them on to their merry way. No extortion can  happen with that.

He wanted curfew at 10:00 as he wants children to be home doing their homework and safe instead of on the streets. Problem is there were overenthusiastic implementors who grabbed a toddler even if he was with his parents. Funny.

He paid attention to the needs of the Juan dela Cruz, such that the income of Pagcor and NCSO will be for health benefits. He managed to raise the moral of the military and the police.

We are not blind however, that with the corruption sitting deeply rooted in some employees, they would definitely oppose this changes, after all it will mark the end of their good times.

He encourages everyone especially the government employees to live simply, he himself would sometimes travel on commercial flights to go back to Davao where he maintains his old residence.

The war on drugs coupled with the problem in the South is really distressing, to the outside world, it looks like the country has been reduced to a killing field. Accusation of extrajudicial killing were being thrown by no less that the US, who can’t even handle their own drug problems and racially motivated killings by the police and civilians alike. But get this, the police or the military are not totally clean of corrupt practices, so they would  willingly kill to protect their sources or information about them. The competing suppliers and drug lords will do the same too to protect their interests, so why blame it on the PNP.

I also have observed that Juan dela Cruz has been volunteering information about drug dens, pushers, and users in their area, for the sake of peace in their neighborhood.

What is so disconcerting are deaths caused by the drug addicts, rape and stabbing seems to be a side effect of this poor man’s drug. So many children, young adults, recent graduates raring to start a new life with hopes of helping their families, killed so early in their lives, sometimes by family members, all because of drugs.

The OFWs for instance, the previous administration was saying that the economy was boosted by the OFW income, it must be good to say that there is economic growth, add that to the increasing BPOs in the Philippines, and we can say that our main resource is our people. But why is that we hear so much abuse on our OFWs, they are ignored except for the money that’s coming in. The recent events in Saudi Arabia where thousands of OFWs were stranded because of cancelled contracts with no reprieve in sight. The ambassador and the labor attache of the Philippines to the country is of no help, they were even treated poorly. Hah, I’m not sure if this is pure arrogance or just idiocy that they don’t know how to take care of their own. Abuse wouldn’t have been present, if the POEA made sure that there are no illegal recruiters or that the contracts provide protection to our people.

Packages that are being sent home are opened and taken by the customs staff. These people are also the abusers, stripping the OFWs of their dignity. It’s bad enough that they sometimes had to take jobs less that what they have trained for, just to be able to earn money, abused by their employers, talked down to, oh the list is endless.

No less than the former Pope Benedict cited that overseas work destroys the very fiber of family life because of the sacrifice of separation that the parties have to endure just to provide for their family.

And now they Abu Sayaff had the guile to bomb the night market in Davao to further their criminal activities. Much as my belief is purely Catholic, such senseless regard for life, I wouldn’t mind, dropping a bomb on their enclave. They don’t seem to have any advocacy but to criminalize the area, kidnappings, bombings, who’s funding these activities, I wonder.

Oh, gee I am out of breath by these monologue. Even in my introductory statement, I used to not care, I grew up under martial law and I was not affected, but these occurences, can be avoided, if only..

So, let us support the President, let’s not pay attention to his detractors, if there is something that doesn’t sit well with you, call or write to his office, am sure somebody will read it.

Oh, there is this issue of the Marcos family wanting to bury Ferdinand in the Heroes Cemetery, WTF, after raping the country of its resources and killing its people, he is a hero. Hah, I don’t mind, let’s do that, but there has to be a tombstone that says, “here lies FM, self declared hero, medals were fake, dictator, murderer, may he be accepted in heaver and be forgiven for his sins”

Then there is the former Department of Justice Secretary and now a Senator, who is a protector of the drug lords, they are truly making a  mockery of the system. One thing I am theorizing though, is that there has to be someone who has her back too.

Okay, I better stop. This country needs your support and prayers..









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