The Presidentiables (a very late post)

My main interest at the time was the numerous presidential candidates vying for the main post of the land. I didn’t really understand why such interest exists. I mean all the presidents of the US during my stay all came to the white house with full head of hair but left with grey hair and slouchy posture, proof that indeed it is a high stress position.

In the Philippines, they left with mansions, fat bank accounts and maybe a case for corruption or embezzlement or involvement in illegal activies, like jueteng, contract manipulation, etc.


But this election is not as hilarious as the US, where a what can I call him, buffoon like Donald Trump is gaining a lead.

Going back to the Philippine election, we had:

  1. Grace Poe, a Senator, a US citizen, whose claim to fame is being an adoptive daughter of a deceased major action star. It was funny, because her detractors kept claiming that it can’t be assured that she is indeed a natural born citizen, a requirement for the top post. I don’t understand really, because a DNA test can be done to prove ethnicity, but no they’d rather just talk, talk, and talk. Oh, to top it all the senator’s husband was an intelligence office in the US military, clearly a disqualification, but nothing happened of the sort. It was also rumored that she was being sponsored by the bank owner and a relative of the former president.
  2. Then there is Mayor Duterte, a mayor of Davao, a fastest growing city in the Philippines, he has been known to instill discipline among the residents and was successful in the quick turn around of the City.
  3. Miriam Defensor, the brightest of the lot, more so because of her outspokenness about the law and her readiness to put things straight. But she is stricken with cancer.
  4. Jejomar Binay, a known corrupt, former Vice President, who had every member of his family in government positions. He has amassed millions if not billions of government funds. He had a farm in Batangas, allegedly even the pig sty is air conditioned so that it won’t smell. He converted the municipality of Makati into a high end building with hotel-level conveniences using government funds, of course.
  5.  Mar Roxas, a member of a political family, educated in UPenn, i think. His publicist made it look like he completed graduate studies there, but later on admitted that it was Bachelor’s degree.

You may have read or Not, that Duterte won and gained the support of majority of the Filipino people, mine included. So no amount of cheating dislodged him from being number one. I have heard first hand reports that Binay was spending so much money to ensure that he had the support of the people, that he was into massive vote buying. His emissary however, pocketed the allocation and bought a properties for himself, so it is Judas vs. Judas he he.

Then Roxas was giving away PHP300.00 roughly U$6.00 to secure a vote, folks were saying if they were not checking the ballot receipt they would have voted for Duterte. Also, the overseas ballots from the Middle East were said to have been sent with pre-selected name of Roxas, same goes for the remote villages of the Philippines. What’s strange is these people were always calling on God and praying and yet they are openly cheating and collaborating towards the downfall of others. But thank you Lordy, that you listened to them and installed the rightful one.

During the campaign the City folks were mesmerized by the display of propaganda especially when the children of the candidates were presenting themselves with their knowledge of foreign languages and their Ivy League education. Little to they know, that ceteris paribus, anybody can do that. I was more impressed by those folks who struggled to get their education and has displayed their intelligence sans arrogance.

The media folks didn’t miss the show too, there were allegations that they were paid by the candidates and therefore getting more media mileage. What a comedy that was.

Clearly, they believed that the previous administration was all so successful in creating a better Philippines, but it was all window dressing. ayyayyy..




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