Ello! Have been lurking for a while now and decided to finally come-out with my writings, etc. No, not good at it, just have a lot of ideas, thoughts, that will make people who are dear to me crazy, listening to it. So, I am putting it on screen for the whole world to see. Click it.

Varied interests foodie, artsy, wordy, Catholic.

So, let me clue you in with the name of this site, penoybalut, here’s a  link to an article and pictures of penoy and balut.. http://pinoycook.net/balut-penoy/. Sold warm on baskets wrapped in rags to keep itwarm is a good source of protein.  This is a delicacy not just in the Philippines but in neighboring Asian countries, as well. I was going to update with a picture of the eggs, but I wasn’t sure if it will gross you out. I just want to share my culture, I like to Asianize, friends why not through this site too.

I am a pinoy, brown, and is shouting it out loud.  Therefore, it only is apt to call it penoybalut. Two types of eggs that is popular even outside the country.  There is nothing profound about it, you are probably wondering, why eat something like that.  Asians, that we are, we appreciate good food and this is good food.

And.. Aging with joy…jauncing through life, like it’s the first time, a great discovery, sharing experiences about my life as an elderly woman. There is joy in aging indeed, there is wisdom earned. The wisdom to believe, to cook brazenly and to eat wisely.

On another note, friends are telling me that even this pages are evolving they can see the change in my writing and the trend in subject matter, even the tone… I say if it doesn’t change then there is no growth..

I appreciate your comments, your insights, or just share your thoughts…



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