The Presidentiables (a very late post)

My main interest at the time was the numerous presidential candidates vying for the main post of the land. I didn’t really understand why such interest exists. I mean all the presidents of the US during my stay all came to the white house with full head of hair but left with grey hair and slouchy posture, proof that indeed it is a high stress position.

In the Philippines, they left with mansions, fat bank accounts and maybe a case for corruption or embezzlement or involvement in illegal activies, like jueteng, contract manipulation, etc.


But this election is not as hilarious as the US, where a what can I call him, buffoon like Donald Trump is gaining a lead.

Going back to the Philippine election, we had:

  1. Grace Poe, a Senator, a US citizen, whose claim to fame is being an adoptive daughter of a deceased major action star. It was funny, because her detractors kept claiming that it can’t be assured that she is indeed a natural born citizen, a requirement for the top post. I don’t understand really, because a DNA test can be done to prove ethnicity, but no they’d rather just talk, talk, and talk. Oh, to top it all the senator’s husband was an intelligence office in the US military, clearly a disqualification, but nothing happened of the sort. It was also rumored that she was being sponsored by the bank owner and a relative of the former president.
  2. Then there is Mayor Duterte, a mayor of Davao, a fastest growing city in the Philippines, he has been known to instill discipline among the residents and was successful in the quick turn around of the City.
  3. Miriam Defensor, the brightest of the lot, more so because of her outspokenness about the law and her readiness to put things straight. But she is stricken with cancer.
  4. Jejomar Binay, a known corrupt, former Vice President, who had every member of his family in government positions. He has amassed millions if not billions of government funds. He had a farm in Batangas, allegedly even the pig sty is air conditioned so that it won’t smell. He converted the municipality of Makati into a high end building with hotel-level conveniences using government funds, of course.
  5.  Mar Roxas, a member of a political family, educated in UPenn, i think. His publicist made it look like he completed graduate studies there, but later on admitted that it was Bachelor’s degree.

You may have read or Not, that Duterte won and gained the support of majority of the Filipino people, mine included. So no amount of cheating dislodged him from being number one. I have heard first hand reports that Binay was spending so much money to ensure that he had the support of the people, that he was into massive vote buying. His emissary however, pocketed the allocation and bought a properties for himself, so it is Judas vs. Judas he he.

Then Roxas was giving away PHP300.00 roughly U$6.00 to secure a vote, folks were saying if they were not checking the ballot receipt they would have voted for Duterte. Also, the overseas ballots from the Middle East were said to have been sent with pre-selected name of Roxas, same goes for the remote villages of the Philippines. What’s strange is these people were always calling on God and praying and yet they are openly cheating and collaborating towards the downfall of others. But thank you Lordy, that you listened to them and installed the rightful one.

During the campaign the City folks were mesmerized by the display of propaganda especially when the children of the candidates were presenting themselves with their knowledge of foreign languages and their Ivy League education. Little to they know, that ceteris paribus, anybody can do that. I was more impressed by those folks who struggled to get their education and has displayed their intelligence sans arrogance.

The media folks didn’t miss the show too, there were allegations that they were paid by the candidates and therefore getting more media mileage. What a comedy that was.

Clearly, they believed that the previous administration was all so successful in creating a better Philippines, but it was all window dressing. ayyayyy..




>Good Will Hunting – the search for the best udon in town


It is Friday night and I have just completed setting up this blogsite with adsense (i need a little moola to supplement my shortened hours), which adsense cancelled my account for an alleged irregular clicks.

Anyway, I love the movie, “Good Will Hunting“, have you seen it? It has levels in its plot, that of a a very smart, almost genius young man, continue to work in construction because that is what he knows, his firiends who love him not because of his intellect but because of him.

Then there were those supporters who wanted him live the life that they were unable to or those who just want to exploit his intelligence and those who really cared.

There are always two sides to a coin, huh! One can’t say, it is wrong without looking at the reasons why  as things are viewed from different lenses.  It’s like what Pope B is saying, if there are a million people  in this world, there are a million ways of exercising one’s faith.

Image from

It’s also like choosing a restaurant, do we base it on the decor, the write up about the chef, or the experience of early diners? Some would even choose a restaurant because it is the latest buzz, or some wouldn’t want to voice their opinions against that latest buzz.  Wait, does this sound like constructive thinking?

Speaking of opinions, I have been to the Coach Sushi several times and have enjoyed morsels of sushi and bowls of udon. Udon is a favorite, I make it at home and still have it outside, and I must say that I was disappointed with the Coach Sushi’s Udon.

Udon that I made

The udon that I make has dark broth, has bonito sauce and a little mirin cooking wine.  I know, I know, this is a mainstay in my kitchen, just like fish sauce, and soy sauce.  I noticed in the picture menu that the soup was a little light, I asked if I can taste the broth, and was told that they prepare the broth only when there is a order for it.

It is rather disappointing, if it is prepared ás it is ordered, how can the soup be flavorful, does that mean that they are using the udon packets, that is available in the supermarkets.  I hope not, that is cheating.  The tempura taste of rancid oil, it just must not be a good day for the restaurant. I hope it is just one of those days and not a norm.
On another note the udon at the Ichiban has the same blandness, hence the severed relations with them. I only cave in when I don’t have diet coke at home, then I would resort to food delivery for that coveted commodity..

Anyway, my quest for good udon is on. Suggestions, anyone? More on noodles in the next posts.

>Today’s Special: The Movie


I saw this at the Albany theater a week or so ago, I totally enjoyed it.  I am not one to look at the personalities in the movie, like who directed, etc. but the lines are fresh.  There was a scene when the main was arguing with his dad and he muttered, “Jesus”, this was a scene where he was being thought how to pray, and the Dad character said,”not that”.  Or the cab driver who gave his business card with just his name on it.

The story line is good, acting could have been better. But the display of colors of food, even the bazaars, it was amazing.

>Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey Character

>As I am writing this blog, when I should be doing my homework, I was watching the re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy.

Listening to the dialog of Meredith Grey character, I noticed that she has a tendency of repeating herself, “Take me, choose me”, “choose me’. She lost her impact on me, I noticed it.
Oh, well. What do you think?

>Of mice and men..

>As I was getting frustrated this week, I remembered that book by Steinbeck who also wrote “The Grapes of Wrath”.  He is such a good writer and from California at that! Anyway, the Scriptures teaches us humility, understanding compassion, faith, humility, being less self absorbed, etc. being a bigger person, a man. The more that we are made aware of this, the more I see people struggling to be recognized, to be better than the next person, in doing makes a disruptive existence. 

 Nope, I am not trying to be the big one here, but I am naturally shy, except for the people I am comfortable with, that it makes me cringe when the self persists. It seems that wherever people are, whatever the purpose or the objective is, a discourse arise, because of that id.  It is sad, because we are giving in to the temptation of the devil.

On another note, I was talking to a friend, was it last weekend, she expressed surprise that she was invited and even have a role in another friend’s wedding. I said, but you’re friends and it is therefore expected. I said, seriously, because I am so comfortable in my friendship with this couple, if they didn’t invite me, I will show up, I may not show up in the reception or eat, because I am prideful (I know it is a sin) but I will be in church, I may even ask, why I was not invited and shame them no end.  ha ha..

 Somewhere in this post, there is a point! I guess the premium we put in ourselves need to be changed.  It is ridiculous, it is like using high faluting words, making a statement pointless and nonsensical to make a person sound educated. It is like an uncouth person, a pedestrian dressed in gold.  I can go on and on, but it might offend your sensitivies, so I will just be quiet about it.

Dignity, importance is not measured by what a person does but what he does with his life.

Ay naku…

>Of writers, authors, and bloggers..


Norman Mailer has passed, earlier this year, the Death of a Salesman author passed, I thought it was Mailer, to anybody who knows me well that’s normal, not the death of Norman but my lack of details. Anyway, I enjoyed Harlot’s Ghost and the Death of a Salesman, reads of long ago.

Mailer in Harlot’s xx  even showed me how to remember details by association, not that it lasted long.  Anyway, there are writers and there are writers, I noticed that modern writers these days are making things so simplistic, that the power of imagination is not even tickled. As what a friend said it is like a narcotic, a temporary feed to an additction.

I am discovering even bloggers in WordPress and of course in blogspot. I am finding that there are professors who maintain their blog for their students. Some are authors for reference materials on subject matters like economics. I tried to recall books that I used for my academic preparation ages ago and only found a few, but a recent read called Freakonomics was mentioned and I am pleased with that, that I am getting my facts correctly.

I am tagsurfing on topics like faith, Catholic, life, food. And was drawn to such enlightening accounts of life and faith journey of some. I have also seen a change in tone of some of those that I follow, evidence that writing, especially if it’s not recital of facts it can be a pure emotional exercise.

Oh well, I will be working on the backdoor next week, helping someone setup a website and a blog account . As s part of my geeky existence, I decided that I will continue moonlight, en gratis or for payment to create websites, content included, and everything else about computers. More on that later…

Now I am wondering if some writers will sell their soul, ho’ing to my friend, to get what they want instead of what they want to convey, or convey to get what they want.