Recipe: Puttanesca Linguine paired with Kalamata Olive Bread

Because we’re such small eaters, we have to wait for company to be able to cook with gusto.

Especially since I found a source for kalamata olives here in the Philippines,, located in Antipolo, am pretty happy about that. Speaking of kalamata olives, I like the its saltiness, so good with cooking and as an appetizer.

So, so we decided to make puttanesca pasta, did you know that it got the name because that was prepared by the ladies of the night in Italy for when the come in from their gig. The would just put together whatever is in the fridge. Sharing here:

Barilla is my favorite brand, it is not very pricey too, we use to be able to get it on sale for less than a dollar.


bacon strips cut to size (would have been nice if there are thicker slices here in the Philippines)
olive oil for the pasta and for sauteing
Kalamata olives
black olives (just because)
anchovy paste (i used our fish paste bagoong)
fresh or canned whole tomatoes
smoked salmon (optional or you can use canned tuna)
fresh or dried basil
onions and garlic
we don’t have parmesan cheese, so we added left over brie in the sauce
we have lovely dried cherry tomatoes from japan, threw it in too



Cook pasta according to package instruction, save pasta water for the sauce.

Cook bacon until fat has been rendered, add olives, tomatoes, add the rest of the ingredients, letting it simmer until thick, oh add the pasta water gradually. Mix in the pasta, voila it’s done. Serve immediately.


A friend brought kalamata bread from Boudin bakery in SFO, a month or so ago, it was sitting in the freezer, it was a good accompaniment, dip in vinegar and oil


I’m finding that I enjoy spaghetti more than any other type, maybe it’s the texture but the flavor seems to be absorrbed more by the spaghetti.


What we forgot is the wine, not sure if would have paired well but we have an opened bottle of chocolate wine, a gift. Haven;t tried it yet, my mom did, she said it was different.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried making puttanesca pasta, hope you will.

It is fun to make and so enjoyable, the melding of flavors makes up for the clean up after he he.

Cheers —






Recipe: Meringue – a Success

Got you there. huh! you’re probably thinking that it is such a foolproof process that anyone can do it.

You may have guessed, my relationship with the oven is one that is non committal, if the result turns out good that I am with it.  My failed bread attempt notwithstanding, I have been wanting to try to make meringue. You’ll probably laugh at me, being it is such a simple process. Not to a pre-beginner baker like me. I used this recipe from BBC, it was quite good, my mom already wanted to make custard with the egg yolks that I will discard.

I used 2 desert spoons instead of a batter pipe, not wanting the mixture to change its consistency.

Hopefully, I will be able to make sans rival after this he he..Sans rival is a filipino dessert, translated without a rival, didn’t bother to check if it is french or italian or non of the above) It consists of a layer of meringue and butter cream topped with cashew nuts.  A favorite of mine.