What is a Pinoy?

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This page is created to encourage comments from readers about your ideas on Pinoys. How do we define or identify to the culture. What is it like to be a Pinoy.

 Thanks for your contribution…

BTW, saw this youtube video about being able to tell to if someone is a Pinoy, here is part of the list

  1. Cupboard has vienna sausage, spam, and corned beef.
  2. Tabo (dipper) in the bathroom.
  3. Santo Nino figure in the living room.
  4. Picture or image of the Last Supper in the dining room.
  5. Karaoke machine, a good one at that.
  6. Piano, baby grand at that.
  7. Nothing is readily available to eat in the fridge.
  8. Patis or bagoong in the pantry.

Sa kahahanap ko ng recipe ng pinoy, nadaanan ko ang mga sites ng kapwa pinoy. Magaling silang magsulat, ramdam ko ang kanilang hinaing, ang galit sa kanilang puso. Nakapagtatakang detach ako sa kanilang mga hinaing.  Not that I am assuming a higher than though air, maybe I have seen too much, that I am numb from it all.. hay naku..


3 thoughts on “What is a Pinoy?

  1. wow.. ang tagal na nitong blog mo.. ako ngsstart pa lang kasi eh.. hehe.. enewei its good to see some pinoy here, ndi ko pa kasi maxadong gamay ang wordpress, kaya ndi pa ako maxadong nakakapaglibot.. hehe..

    so heres my contribution sa list mo.. nabasa ko lang din to sa email entitled “why i love Philippines”..

    a joke but then a reality. quite ironic, but true..

    – every street has a basketball court
    – school is considered the second home and the mall is the third
    – everyone has their own personal ghost story and superstitions
    – everything can be forged.. lol..
    – all kinds of animal is edible
    – crossing the street means running for your life
    – everything and evryone is spoofed
    – where even the poverty-stricken get to wear ralph lauren and tommy hilfiger (peke nga lang)
    – the honking of car horns is a way of life
    – traffic lights and signs is merely a suggestion not a regulation
    – the definition of traffic is “the non-movement” of vehicles

    However despite these situations or characteristics as i may say, filipinos still has so many things to be proud of.

    – hospitable, and caring
    – some of our singers and actors are awesome and they have proved it time and again internationally (does jasmin trias ring a bell?)
    – funny, witty and have great sense of humour
    – even on difficult situation, filipinos can still manage to smile
    – very competitive and creative

    that is just some of it and i cannot list it all..

    So, ayan na.. hehe.. my beloved Philippines.



  2. Salamat! how are you finding wordpress.. I like your posts, keep it up. Did you notice that is quite a number of pinoys in the blogworld at ang gagaling nilang sumulat, paris mo.. Kahanga hanga..


  3. wordpress is amazing, hehe.. firstime ko sa blog world, ngtry lang ako kasi marami na akong naririnig na maganda nga daw mgkaroon ng blog, and i want to express myself as well, lalo na sa mga ganito kong klaseng articles na ayaw ko talaga ipakita sa taong tinutukoy ko.. hehe..

    thanks, i really don’t believe in myself in terms of writing, feeling ko im just another novice na parang walang mararating, hehe. kulang kasi sa self esteem and daming insecurities.. hehe.. thanks, kasi atleast may ngsabi sakin na magaling din ako sumulat.

    yup, dami ako nakitang mga pinoy dito, ang galing nga nila sumulat, lalo ng ng tagalog articles, ang lalalim, ang gagaling grabe.. hehe.. kaw rin, ang galing mo talaga, thanks po ha.. im gonna check out more of your blogs in the future.. keep it up..!


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